Sincere Greetings from the Assembly!           


We invite you to unite with the members of the Assemblies of Yahweh in the aid to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and spread the message of salvation to the entire earth via shortwave radio by supporting the WMLK radio outreach project and becoming part of the $1K Club!


Directing Elder Jacob O. Meyer (OBM) in the mid 80’s addressed the congregation about the vision and progress of the shortwave radio project. The project was originally estimated to cost $100,000. Thus, Elder Meyer hoped if 1,000 people gave $1,000, the goal could be reached. Shortly after, members who were able gave, and the $1K Club was established. These individuals helped in getting the shortwave up and running.


The WMLK transmitter, which began broadcasting full-time in the spring of 1985, has since brought in response from every continent on the face of the earth. As interest in the Assemblies of Yahweh’s message grows, the need for a more powerful transmitter was realized. In 2000, the Assembly purchased a 250,000 watt transmitter, which is installed and on the air six days a week. During the early stages of the project, a conservative decision was made not to put the Assembly in debt, so an used system was purchased, instead of a new one. Thus, we continue to strive and continue in the rebuilding of the transformer to improve performance and spread the word of salvation of Yahweh in Yahshua’s name. We truly hope that you would consider joining the $1K Club!


Please note that any amount that Yahweh puts in your heart will be plenty and will be used in proper manner to fulfill the objectives stated.

With sincere Philadelphia love,

Assemblies of Yahweh Administration