1.Where do I find the sermon that available for me to listen to?

There are two ways to listen to sermons on  The first way is to listen to our 24/7 radio broadcast located at the top right of your desktop or at the bottom of your phone, if you are using a mobile device.  The second way to use the search feature of the MP3 (audio) player located in the middle of the page.  You can search by topics (Yahweh, Love, Yahshua, Salvation, etc.). We hope you enjoy the many hours of sermons and pray that it yields fruits for you.



1.Why should I register with the Assemblies of Yahweh?

The Assemblies of Yahweh is dedicated to spreading the Truth of Yahweh and His son Yahshua the Messiah. To further this end we offer sermons, videos and other instructional tools such as the Correspondence Course. Registration will afford your access to these spiritual tools. As you learn more and prove from your Bible that the doctrines are Truth, you can request to have your registration upgraded to Contributor which will allow you to download the sermons and join us live each time we hold services in Bethel. Note: Your information is held in the strictest confidence and will never be transferred or sold.



1.Proverbs 23:23 says “Buy the Truth and sell it not”, why do you charge for your books?
We offer all the doctrinal information that will help you make your “calling and election sure”, free of charge. This is provided to you by the faithful giving of co-workers around the world who are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-20. Books however have a greater cost for us to produce as they are more durable and can be passed from generation to generation. The prices set by the ministry will never exceed the basic cost of publication and processing. We do have programs that offer Bibles to those who cannot afford them, contact us for more information. Our goal is not to be a profitable book-seller but to aid the sincere seeker after Truth in their daily walk. Note: Make sure to look for your personalized discount coupons.